John Morrow – U.S. House of Representatives 2nd District


John Morrow

Basic Info


  • Businessman with background in imports, retail, and financial sales markets


Some Top Issues for this election

  • Crime
    • Promises to legislate a “domestic terrorist act” law affecting terrorist acts and gang violence by American citizens
    • Wants to legislate laws that will allow Homeland Security to handle gang activity and random shootings
  • Immigration
    • Wants to impose an 18-month moratorium where illegal immigrants must register to begin pathway to citizenship
  • Economy
    • Wants to pass an infrastructure bill
    • Wants to lower regulations and reduce taxes on corporate America
    • Promises a full tax write off for new business construction in the first year
  • Social Security
    • Wants to allow citizens to invest 6.2% of pretax payroll deduction into a financial institution of their choice; other 6.2% by the employer invested in social security retirement fund (based on the 12.4% payroll deduction)
    • Wants to increase the retirement age to 68; would be able to withdraw private investment at 65 tax-free



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