Intro – Welcome to Political Peruse!


Hello readers!

The purpose of this blog is to have a better understanding of the local and state election field when I walk into the voting booth on November 8 (or earlier if early voting). Ever since I’ve began voting, I noticed I would only know a handful of candidates running for office when I walked up to the ballot (say, presidential candidates and maybe governors and congressional candidates). The rest, mainly more local candidates dealing with my state, were very foreign to me, leaving me no choice but to make a decision by random and with no information on who would fulfill that office. I saw this to be very bad, since I was voting for people who I had no idea if they were for my interests or were even remotely fit for the job. 

So in an effort to mitigate my ignorance of most of the candidates I am charged with picking to hold office, I want to take a look at the field and at least have a general understanding of who they are, what they believe in, and how they would govern if elected or re-elected. I imagine that I may not be the only one with this problem so I decided to make a blog on it.

This will focus on the Illinois state, congressional, and local elections. I won’t be doing every race (especially judges; those would take forever), and I do not plan on covering the presidential election candidates (maybe the Libertarian and Green party candidates but no promises); you’ll hear enough news about those candidates on TV, the internet and newspapers (plus I have a pretty good idea of the field already). I will try my best to cover as wide range of races as I can before November, from congressional to alderman seats. I’ll mainly focus on the state and Chicago area, but if you are in Illinois and would like me to do a piece on your community, let me know and I just might do it!

Finally, as a disclaimer, this blog to be an unbiased as possible. While I do have my own political opinions and leanings, I will NOT be addressing those here. My goal is not to comment on or slander any candidate or party running for office. Nor is my goal to persuade you to vote in a certain way. My goal is to gather information and present it so I, and anyone else, can make a better, more informed decision about who represents us at the local, state, and national level.

Thanks for reading this and tagging along with me for this journey! I can’t wait to start learning about all the people who may be my next representative. I hope this inspires you to do your own research about your local offices and dig deeper to understand who wants to be your leader. Enjoy!